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Our LocationNo 1B Amaku Street, State Housing Estate, Calabar.

Safe and affordable ride any time any day.

Karigoo offers safe and affordable ride with excellent communication between riders, drivers and the Karigoo’s community.

Karigoo the future of smart ride at affordable rates!

We matched drivers with riders who request rides through our app where riders simply pay with cash or card.

Do you have a car?

Come on board and make extra money. We match drivers with riders on our platform, you can either pay with cash or card

How it works


Download Karigoo App

Open the app, choose your location and destination or let the app automatically detect it. Confirm your location, you will be matched with the driver that is closest to you.

Communication Tools

You can call or use the in-app chat with any of our courteous drivers for confirmation.

Go For Your Ride

Meet your driver, provide the OTP on your Karigoo user App for your driver to start the trip.

Karigoo Innovations

We make it easier for you to become your own boss, booking rides at the comfort of your zone, therefore scaling activities easier without delay.

High-Quality Taxi Services

Our Fare Estimator excellently gives you an estimate of the ride fare, therefore helping you know the fare price before you leave, thus ride with confidence and never go out of cash again.